Box Braids: Why You Should Wear Them Often

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In Nigeria and in some other parts of the world, braiding (box braids) is a unique way to interlace the kinky hair with hair extensions or what we call ‘attachments’. For the love of culture, people have found different ways to recreate this hairstyle. And the most common ones here in Nigeria are the box braids and the Marley twists which I will be focusing on. I have been glued to the box-braiding hairstyle since 2014.But before this time, I have always wondered why people sat for hours to achieve the braided look. Especially, when you can easily opt-in for a 45-minute weave installation. But now, the story is different.

Box braids

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So, here are some reasons why you should box-braid your hair often:

#The chic-look

There is no doubt that box braids or Marley twists make you appear younger than your age. They give you that youthful glow that is quite obvious in everyone’s eyes.

#Easy to maintain

Box braids don’t require a lot of hair products for them to be maintained. For instance, I use only baby oil and edge control to maintain the look. The baby oil helps to moisturise your scalp everyday and the edge control (any brand of your choice is fine ) will enable you lay your edges. And luckily for you, most edge controls help moisturise the edges while making them sleek.


Yeeep! braiding your hair helps you slay on a budget because it is cheaper than fixing a good weave. In Nigeria, box-braids cost roughly about 9,000 naira for both buying the hair extensions and paying for the hairdresser’s services.In other words, the cost might be more or less depending on the area you live. Personally, I braid my hair for 5,000 naira and I get to slay! Lol.

#Lasts longer

Unlike weaves, you can take your braids for a maximum of 2 months before taking it off. Taking weaves for this long can be unbearable especially for some of us living in tropical countries like Nigeria.

#Endless styling options

One special thing about braiding is the fact that it enables you style it whatever way that makes you comfortable. Personally,I prefer it to fall freely on my shoulders or pack it in a bun.

Finally, getting a good hairstylist is a major key!

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