Why You Should Have A Skincare Routine

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Questions like: Does skincare routine really work?  Is having a skincare not a waste of time? These are regular questions we ask ourselves every day when skincare routines are discussed in magazines or on beauty shows. To clear your curiosity, skincare routine is pretty much important, your skin is one of the largest organs in your body, and it works hard every day to protect your internal organs from harmful elements like dust particles. Now, let’s see why having a skincare routine is highly important.

Below are reasons why you should have a skincare routine

1) Our skin sheds: Did you know that the skin sheds its dead cells about 600,000 particles every hour? Well, yes! So this means that glowing skin is not guaranteed every day of your life unless there is a daily skincare routine in the corner. Haa! 🙂

2) Ageless look: “Alexa, please play ‘young forever’ by Jay-Z ft Mr Hudson’. Not caring for your skin will help you age faster than you think and bear in mind that Cleopatra preserved her youthfulness by taking her daily milk bath (A legendary move, I must say.  Lol)

3) To Boost Confidence: When you look good, you feel good. It’s simple. I’m pretty sure Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t want to wear thigh-high slit dresses if she had dull skin! What does this tell you? This simply means that having a skincare routine helps rejuvenate your skin and restores that self-confidence.With beautiful skin, your selfies are always Instagram ready!

4) Helps prevent skin infections: We talked about the skin being the largest organ in our body, a crack on the skin might make us more susceptible to some skin infections. Visiting the dermatologist everytime the breakouts on your face get out of control is more expensive than starting a skincare routine today that prevents those massive breakouts.

In the next post, we will be discussing effective and budget-friendly skincare products that can be used to pamper your skin :).

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