What Nigerians Have To Say About The Social Media Bill

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The  “Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulations Bill, 2019” was passed for its second reading at the Senate on Wednesday. This has become a subject of terror to some Nigerians. Mr Sani Musa, whom has been noted as the bill’s  sponsor  said that the intention of this bill is to curb internet falsehood. And not to drain the freedom of expression from Nigerians.


According to Premium times, the bill contains 36 clauses which prescribe up to N300,000 naira fine for an individual. And a fine of  N10 million naira for organisations when found guilty for disseminating wrong information online.

Well, having known that, let’s take it to the streets of Twitter and see what Nigerians have been saying:

  1. A popular Twitter user Aproko Doctor says ” This is a way to control the citizens…”


2. @WarepamorSammy focuses on a section of the law that speaks on freedom of expression and communication. Do you agree with him?

3.  We have other Acts that can regulate false information – Ugwunna Ejike


4.  A replication of Singapore’s  Protection from Online Falsehoods & Manipulation Act 2019:


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