What Is Your Must-Pack Travel Item?

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Travelling is fun but packing for the trip is stressful! Yes, I can say that all over again. And this is why I try as much as possible to pack light. I can remember a time I travelled to my home-town for a few days and forgot my must-pack item. Here is the story; a day before my trip, I had already packed my things and I intentionally left out my edge control gel because I was going to use it the next day to lay the edges of my hair. So, on the day of my trip, I got distracted with some things and forgot that I hadn’t put my edge control in my bag. And when I realised that I forgot to put it like I always do, I hated myself! literally( Just for a moment tho..). All I kept asking myself was – “How am I going to slay my hair edges?!!!”. Well, apart from that trip, I don’t think I have ever forgotten to put my edge control gel in my travelling bag! Lol. So, I would say that my must-pack item is my edge control gel.


Over the last couple of days, I have engaged in some conversations with some fabulous people regarding the subject. And they have decided to share their must-pack item.

Fashion Enthusiast and Procurement Advisor, Uzochi said “sunglasses of course! I always take my sunglasses with me on any trip. It’s always in my handbag!” According to her, having a pair of sunglasses in her bag gives her more confidence to walk past crowds.

Fitness Enthusiast, Chidinma Okere said, “I don’t think I can ever travel without my headphones because it helps me shut the world out .” Can we really say she’s a meanie? No, she isn’t . Most people can’t do without their headphones when travelling.

And my eye mask/sleep mask because I enjoy sleeping while on a trip“ she added.

In the quest for more answers, we came across an Administrator, Choice Orise who whispered to us that her hair bonnet is a must-pack item for her. In her words – “What lady packs her bags without putting her hair bonnet in her travelling bag? I always put my hair bonnet in my bag.” She went ahead to say – “ Although I have some other things I pack for my trip, my hair bonnet is the ultimate item. ”

Finally, based on these discussions, I have come to realise that our must-pack travel items are not the most expensive things we buy and they are things that we can easily tuck in our jeans pockets.

Now, the question is, what is your must-pack travel item?

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