Top 12 Fashion Tips Of All Time

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Every year and every fashion season, there are always tips that are released by fashion stylists and designers. However, there are tips that are to be considered ageless. So in this post, we will be sharing 12 fashion tips of all time and these tips will help you in your everyday styling game. Let’s do this!

#1. Wear bright accessories on neutral clothes

This is a simple fashion tip of all time especially if you have a wardrobe filled with black, grey, white, camel and brown clothes. Always wear brightly coloured accessories to complement your attire.


#2. Go hands-free for evenings

Roses are red while evenings are for dates. Pick a dressy bag with a chain which can be worn diagonally across your body. This will enable you handle a glass of champagne comfortably or hold a piece of doughnut without struggling with your bag all the time.


#3. Consider care before purchase

Don’t buy a dress or shirt that it’s colour will fade or fabric will shrink after washing it twice. If washing instruction says “Avoid using the washing machine to wash” and you are not cut out for using your hands. Please don’t buy.

#4. Consider your body figure

Experts have advised that when getting clothes consider your body shape. If you have a petite body consider wearing clothes that are a little above your knees. Avoid wearing maxi dresses or midi-skirts because these will make you appear slimmer and shorter. So, when buying clothes, think about how it will flatter your body shape.Fashion

#5. Go for a denim round-down

It is advisable to buy a size down when getting a pair of jeans. This is because most jeans are made with stretchy fabrics and they will eventually expand overtime. For instance, If you normally wear a size 28, get a size 27 when  buying jeans.

#6. Filter your closet



Filtering your closet helps you gain a better understanding of your personal style. Once in a while filter it to know what colours you need to add to your wardrobe!

#7. The ultimate rear/back view

Never ever forget to know how an outfit looks on you from behind. Don’t forget people are going to stare at you while you walk. So, check your back view in the mirror before stepping out.

#8. Wear nude pumps when in doubt


Most ladies have this issue of not knowing what colour of pumps that complements a certain outfit. If you are unsure of what colour to wear, always wear nude pumps to remain classy and chic!

#9.Get studs

This is the most classy type of accessory for every girl or woman out there. Stud earrings are basically ideal for every occasion. Buy them, keep them and rock them! It never goes out of trend.

#10. Bare your skin strategically

It’s okay to dress sexily but do this in a strategic way. When wearing a skimpy bottom, don’t forget to cover up fully on top. When you show your cleavage, make sure the length of your bottom is at least on your knee. Remember the aim is to look sexy and not slutty.

#11. Make friends with a good tailor

Get a tailor or stylist that has top-notch dress-fitting skills. A good stylist/ tailor will help you make that loosely fitted dress fitted. So, the right stylist/tailor is a step-ahead to becoming a fashionista.

#12. Pair loose with tights

Only a few people can pull off the loose top and baggy bottoms very well. But the rule for the rest of us is always wear a loose chiffon blouse or any loose blouse with tights/leggings/skinny jeans.

Happy styling!

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