These Casual Maxi dresses Give All Chic and Rich Aunty Vibes You Need

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Since the pandemic, we realized that the world revolves around casual clothes/loungewear! But should we depend on jeans for all things casual? No, but do we want to look fab when entertaining visitors, running errands, or even visiting a loved one? Hell yes! casual maxi dresses to the rescue.  Casual maxi dresses are to die for, especially when they are of good quality. I prefer silk casual maxi dresses because they are easy to wash, chic, and are light on the skin. So I will be sharing some casual maxi dresses on my wish list, and above all, they give the chic and rich aunty vibes. Lol

The AKD Sleeveless Maxi Dress

Brown hasn’t looked better! This sleeveless dress is chic and can be worn to get groceries down the street or receive guests at home. This dress can be styled with flats (slippers to be specific) when leaving the house.

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The Off-Shoulder  Silk Adire Dress

The ‘Adire’ textile is a lovely textile made in Nigeria. When the designs are on a silky fabric, the combination is out of this world. It gives off the billionaire aunty vibe.  This Silk Adire dress explains, ‘ Love and Light.’ Peep Nigerian TV Personality, Toke Makinwa, rocking this dress in Coral.


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The Sleeveless Adire Maxi Dress

This piece is all things chic and beautiful. The simplicity and elegance this maxi dress brings are second to none. The sleeveless Adire maxi dress can be styled with a pair of mules (slippers) and a mini bag to meet the girls for lunch.

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The Defacto Maxi Dresses

This Bohemian dress from Defacto is a fave. I remember the first time I saw it on the Jumia website, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I like the fact that it looks elegant and decent at the same time. The belt snatches the waist, which makes the fitting great. It can be worn to a brunch party, lunch, Friday corporate meetings, church, and to the beach.

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Picture credits: Jumia, Toke Makinwa, Etsy, Pexel

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