The Most Glamorous African Shoe Brands You Should Be Wearing!

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Are you ready to find out the most glamorous African shoe brands? We are sure you are! These shoe brands are versatile and are ready to take you to work, parties, and brunch dates!

Gone are those days when the most wearable brands are said to be those designed and owned by non-Africans. A few years back, African fashion enthusiasts with a great passion for shoemaking have taken a bold step to perfect the craft of making world-class shoes for every man and woman.

Trust us when we say, these African shoe brands are ready to take the front seats in any world fashion shows. These brands are:

#1. Shekudo: Having featured in Vogue should give you a hint of this brand’s awesomeness. We are obsessed with these shoes ha! The brand is focused on making chic and sustainable shoes.


Photo credit: Shekudo


#2. Lhambi: The creativity in Lhambi is extraordinary. Like they said, “style does not have a limit”. This brand speaks of class and elegance. African Shoe

African Shoe

Photo credit: Lhambi

#3.Titi Adesa:  I mean!  what can look better than this beautiful pair?  Sophistication at its peak!


Photo credit: Titi Adesa

#4. Hesey Designs:  Hesey designs proved them wrong when they said life isn’t colourful! This brand defines modern African men and women. If you doubt us, ask CEO of Virgin Atlantic, Sir Richard Branson he can testify to this!



#5. Enzi: We can’t get over the sight of quality this brand brings. Take a good look at this Enzi footwear. And at this point, you are allowed to scream “Mad Oh”.


Photo credit: Enzi


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