The Lifestyle Scoop: A Day With Efemena Esigie

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*Drumrolls* If this was a video, you would have seen how excited I am putting together today’s episode of Lifestyle Scoop. I cannot contain the joy!  Today’s episode of Lifestyle Scoop features a delectable individual, a fast-rising Nigerian model, an Entrepreneur, and a Fitness Enthusiast, Efemena Esigie. Efe has worked with some fashion magazines like the Genevieve Magazine and has graced the GTB Fashion runway. Here, she shares her current obsessions, what her deal breaker is in any relationship, and so much more.


1. Hello Efe, thanks for being part of this month’s Lifestyle Scoop. You are a Fashion Model, a Baker, and a Vixen, which one of these comes first in your life? And why??

Fashion modeling, it was my breakout role that’s where I get most of my income and I’m able to fund my lifestyle & business

2. It was so nice to find out that you have walked on the GTB Fashion week’s runway, had done a fashion editorial for Genevieve’s Magazine, and had other amazing stuff! How do you celebrate your wins?

I thank God for every opportunity. It was never my power, he positioned men and women to help me on this journey, I would always celebrate with thanksgiving.

3. Still on modelling, at what point in your life did you decide that you wanted to take up modelling?

At age 5. I watched Oluchi Onweagba win “The face of Africa” and decided I wanted to become a model. I’m a go-getter and I wasn’t going to stop until it happened

4. What are your current fashion obsessions?

Bubu’s, mini bags, hats

5. Which Fashion Magazine would you love to work with?

Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar. Not a fashion magazine, but I really hope to work with Sports Illustrated

6. Shoes or Bags? *smiles*


7. Let’s talk about beauty, how often do you exfoliate your face?

Surprisingly, I don’t

8. Which skincare product is currently your favorite? And why?

I stopped using multiple products recently as my skin was reacting and I needed it to heal. All I use currently is the Vaseline even tone lotion, it’s water-based, super light, and it’s true to the name. Love it!

9. What’s your favourite lipstick colour?


10. Matte or Satin Lipstick?


11. You are in the Falz’s Mercy Video, cutting eyes for our celebrity boy (kidding though), how did you feel working with Falz?

Really great. He happens to be one of my favorites, so it was all vibes as I already had the song stuck in my head. Love it

12. Afro beats or RnB?


13. What was your favourite snack while growing up?

Cake 🤤!

14. I love cakes, but I’m not good at baking. So, tell me a bit more about “YellowYum” and how the journey has been running a bakery?

Yellowyum was born out of my love for cakes and lack of access to premium uniced cakes. I decided to focus on satisfying the cravings of flavor-obsessed cake lovers like me, who didn’t want to wait for a special occasion to indulge in good cake. It’s been challenging as I’m the baker, content creator & admin. It can be physically exhausting balancing it with my modeling schedule, but I get help from my family when they’re available. The scary part of a business is starting, but I’m glad that I overcame the fear. I’m still not sure of what I’m doing, but I’m letting the Holy Spirit lead.

15. What is your deal-breaker in a relationship?

Physical Abuse

16. What advice would you give to anyone trying to venture into modelling as a full-time career?

It is a business that requires the grace of God to succeed, work hard, pray hard, stay true to yourself and trust the process. Also, have an alternative career plan to fall to, if modeling doesn’t work out.

17. Last but not least, describe your lifestyle in three words?

Simple, independent, fun


So guys, it was lovely doing this again with an amazing individual and I hope you had fun and learnt something while reading this interview with Efe. Don’t forget to support her online business, YellowYum and ofcourse, don’t forget to follow us on Insta. Also, if you missed last week’s episode of The Lifestyle Scoop with Shamz Garuba, feel free to indulge.

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