The Bismid’s Lipstick Disappointed Me! – A Review on Bismid Mid S-309

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Bismid.

Hey guys! *takes the mic, hits the windscreen, and adjusts skirt* where do I begin? I’m super excited about this review. If you know me well, you will definitely know how much I love matte red lipsticks, and which is why I am particular about what brand I get them from. Most of us are a bit sceptical about buying Nigerian-owned makeup products, due to issues around quality, but that doesn’t mean that there are no cosmetic brands that focus on delivering quality. Examples of such brands are Zaron and Tara, which I often patronize.

So recently, I decided to try out another Nigerian cosmetic brand( I am very particular about growing the naira. :)) and Bismid popped up on my radar! and I went on to buy the Bismid Mid s-309 red lipstick as a first-time customer ( NB: I never buy more than one product when trying out a new brand)

My honest feedback on this product: This is the one! and I am not even kidding. I thought the lipstick quality would be bad but Bismid disappointed me! Lol. The packaging of the lipstick is premium. I love the shiny gold container, which screams “expensive” in some way. I like when brands put their best effort into product packaging. The lipstick is matte and long-lasting. I remember it took a sponge, soap, and water to finally remove the redness from my lips. It is an affordable substitute/alternative for Mac Ruby Woo lipstick.


Is it budget-friendly? Yes! I got it naira for 3000 NGN from a cosmetic store in Lagos.

Would I purchase this product again? Absolutely yes! In addition, I will try out their burgundy/wine range soon.

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