The Biggest Eyebrow Trend Of 2020: The Full Inconsistent Brow

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Let’s clean up our 2019 beauty books and say goodbye to the perfectly drawn, arched and well contoured eyebrows.

Some beauty experts have leaked some beauty trends of 2020 but what we weren’t expecting was an eyebrow beauty trend. Before the evolution of Instagram, we often stay trendy by the information we get from top magazines. Then, Instagram surfaced and become the house of trends.

Some global celebrities may have been responsible for bringing the full, thick brow look back in 2010. But as time goes on, our favourite beauty bloggers and make-up artists came out with that well-contoured eyebrow we rock today!

Well, as they say “What goes around comes around”. Who has seen a picture of their mum in the 1980s wearing a block heel? Well, I have. And guess what? the block heel trend came back in 2017!

In addition to the cyclical nature of trends, inconsistent natural-looking bold brows are hitting us in the year 2020. Yes, you don’t need to spend so much time in the mirror trying to get a perfect brow for that event.

According to Katie Jane Hughes, a celebrity make-up artist says “I think people are going to go through all the lengths to make their brows look natural as opposed to overdone, ” This says it all. Get ready ladies and gents!

Finally,to achieve this bold inconsistent natural look before 2020 hits us , allow your brows to grow naturally by reducing excessive threading of the brows or shaving them. Before we forget, we are throwing a big congratulations to those of you that got full natural brows. Because you are so ready for 2020 brow trend!

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