The 6 Must-Have 2019 Fall/Autumn Nail Polish Colours

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The most popular way to choose a nail polish colour is taking consideration of the season. People living in countries with four seasons in a year understand the beauty and fashion goodies that come with this. The fall season is fast approaching and it’s time to go shopping for new nail polish colours. Trendy and chic is the new sermon this autumn!

Going with the report published by the Pantone Colour Institute for the fashion industry, this year’s autumn colour trend lies in the 2019 autumn collections showcased during the New York Fashion Week earlier this year. The top autumn colours found on the runway showed boldness, confidence and strength. And definitely we are not surprised because It’s autumn after all!

So, out of the 12 trendy colours presented in the report, we strongly believe that six of them will trend more than others because they flatter every skin colour.

Here are the six nail colours that will strongly trend this fall/autumn 2019 featuring U.S OPI nail polish collections.

#Chilli Pepper (Carmian): It is amazing to see this shade of red trending this fall 2019. Get ready to snatch the attention of the entire room within the snap of your finger. Below is the OPI version of this trendy color. It comes as “Red heads ahead” and it’s long-lasting.

Nail Polish

OPI  Red-heads ahead : Shop

#Biking red (Burgundy): It is no surprise to us that this colour made it to our list! Ages past, burgundy has been a great nail polish colour for the autumn season. What is autumn without burgundy? Absolutely nothing! This comes as Malaga wine in the OPI classic nail polish collection and you will love it!

Nail Polish

Biking Red as OPI Malaga wine : Shop/Find a store

# Dark Cheddar: Dark Cheddar is one colour that lies between yellow and orange. And a great colour to add to your nail polish stand for the forthcoming autumn season.It reminds us of the yellowish- orange shedded leaves in autumn. This alarm blazing nail colour will definitely light up the room!

Nail Polish

Dark Cheddar as OPI Pants on fire: Shop/Find a store

#Fruit Dove (Extroverted Pink): One would ask- Isn’t pink for the summer? No darling, 2019 autumn colour trend has proven us all wrong. This is perfect for the urban chic and the modern fashionista this coming fall.


Fruit Dove as OPI Pink flamenco : Shop/Find a store

#Pantone Galaxy Blue: Galaxy blue for the autumn season? Yass! This nail colour is our favourite for this year’s autumn season because of it’s  versatility. You can wear it to work, religious gathering, tea parties, and even to see Jesus (Lol) !

galaxy blue

Galaxy Blue as OPI Blue my mind: Shop/Find a store

#Evening Blue: Love will hurt you but this deep-blue nail polish colour will never break your heart because of its classy look

! Perfect for the autumn dinner date you just schedule with the boo. This comes as Chopstix and Stones in the OPI nail collection.


Evening Blue as OPI Chopstix and Stones: Shop/Find a store

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