Talindo Steak House, Is It Really The Lagos’ Best-kept Secret? – A Complete Review

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I remember being asked by a colleague to pick a restaurant of my choice for dining, and I picked Talindo Steak House. The question is – Was the choice of the restaurant good enough in terms of food and ambience? Could I have picked a better restaurant? Did google reviews deceive me? I guess you will find out along the way.

In this post, I will give a complete review of my dining at Talindo Steak House, which is located right in the heart of  Victoria Island, Lagos – Nigeria.

Food Review

One of the things I decided to go for Talindo was because of their food menu. Like a little bird once told me – “You can never go wrong with pasta.” Guys, if a restaurant doesn’t have a pasta section on their food menu, I really don’t know what you are doing there especially when you are a pasta lover. Lol!

I had the Penne Vodka. This was the tastiest and creamy pasta I have had this year (2021), I’m not even kidding! The food presentation was amazing, the penne pasta was properly cooked and the chicken pieces in the dish was rightly spiced. If you ask me, I will rate the food a 4.9 out of 5.0! In addition to the Penne Vodka meal, the chicken suya side piece tasted heavenly.

NB: Please note that the food menu changes monthly. Always send a DM to confirm dishes on the menu. The Penne Vodka dish may or may not be on this month’s menu.

Drink Review

The drinks menu was the bomb. I had difficulty deciding on what to drink but later went for the Mango Chilli Muddler, a tropical drink. Such a fancy name *laughs* This  tall glass of tropical drink is what I need every sunny afternoon. The fact that a drink can have a little bit of lemon juice and tastes super-sweet at the same time is unmatched. I will rate the drink 5/5.

Customer Service Review

The staff were warm and friendly. Starting from the gateman to the receptionist/bartender to the waiters. One of the waiters helped take amazing pictures of me and my colleagues.

Is it affordable?

In terms of affordability, I would say it is quite affordable for the average Nigerian.

Is The Place Instagrammable?

Yes, it is ‘instagrammable’, nice spots for selfies and shoots. I would say the restaurant is hushed and serene, classy and contemporary. The interiors are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. What more can you ask for?!

Finally, Talindo Steak House is indeed Lagos Best-Kept Secret as stated by BusinessDay and I had a fantastic time while dining.

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