Smart Tips To Packing Light For Air Travel

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Air travel is awesome but paying excess baggage fees is not cool at all. It worries me when I see people paying baggage fees at the airport for a trip of one week or even a month when they have an option to avoid these fees by packing light!

Many people have tried as much as possible to pack light for short stays but end up not achieving it because they don’t even know how to start. So, they end up taking things they don’t need. And paying baggage fees at check-in points or waiting hours at the baggage claim to pick up more than one luggage. If you are getting tired of paying excess baggage fees, don’t worry,this post is for you.

Air travel

So, I will be sharing tips on how to pack light and avoid excess baggage fees for air travels . These tips apply to both local and international air travel. Here we go!

#Know your airline

This is the first step to packing light. Different airlines have different baggage allowance(limit). And for that, you need to know the baggage allowance required by the airline you will be travelling with. This gives you an idea of how much space you will be dealing with. Always keep this in mind.

#Use a small lightweight trolley bag/box

Get a small light-weight travel trolley. Because the last thing you shouldn’t have is an empty bag that weighs more than 3 kg which probably might be taking a quarter of the airline’s baggage limit. The plastic trolley bags are the best because they are lightweight.You can check them out on Jumia or Amazon.

#Have a packing list

Consider having a packing list. This has been my saving grace especially when I get confused about what to take and what not to. Only write the things you can’t do without while you are away. And stick with the list!

#Don’t pack more than a week’s worth of clothes in your box!

#Don’t pack very thick clothes, wear them

Clothes like jeans, coats, parka etc. should not be packed, I advice you wear them.This tip is very important for people travelling to another country during winter periods.

# Limit yourself to 2 pairs of shoes

Yes I said that! neutral coloured foot wears are advised because it goes with every attire you will be wearing while you are away. Don’t forget, shoes take a lot of space. Be wise! and note that the type of shoes to pick depends on the purpose of the trip. You may not need heels for a vacation happening at a beach house.

#Roll your clothes

When packing, roll your clothes and don’t fold them squarely. Because when you roll your clothes, it creates extra space for other things.

#Say “No” to big towels

Don’t ever take your big towel, a small towel is okay. A towel that can fit into your handbag is perfect.

#Make-up kits

Don’t leave your make-up in your make-up bag.Remove the most essential make-up items from the bag and distribute them in different corners of your box.

#Get travel size toiletries

Ditch whatsoever big size toiletries you have at home, especially if you are staying for a short period at your travel destination. Get travel size perfume, tooth paste ,roll-on, body lotion etc before travelling or you can get them when you arrive at your destination!

#Don’t take your jewellery box

Two pairs of earring that go with all your outfit is fine. For me, my favourite pearl stud is perfect for every occasion. I don’t bother taking my jewellery box when travelling.

#Take your iPad instead of your laptop

If you are travelling for a non-business trip and you own both an iPad and a laptop, pick your iPad. Your iPad serves the same purpose as your laptop for the mean time.

#Make your hair

For the ladies, make your hair before travelling to prevent packing hair extensions or shampoo which can literally take up space in your box and eventually add some grams. If you prefer wearing wigs, then wear it to the airport.

Congratulations, you just became an expert on packing light for air travel!

Thanks for reading and if you have additional tips, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. Want to feature an article on the blog? Contact us

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