Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Launches First Mascara But Fans Seem Unhappy

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Should we say congratulations? Or should we say, “we are sorry that some fans are unhappy over the release of Fenty Beauty (FB) Mascara?” I guess we should say both! FB basically have everything we need in our make-up bags. From the eyeshadow palette, the body lava, lipstick, lip gloss to the concealer and foundation! Dude, the only thing missing was the FB mascara and now, we got it!.

In the first few weeks of 2020, the cosmetics brand — which disrupted the beauty industry back in 2017 when it launched a 40-shade foundation range — has already released two entirely new categories to its collection. Along with the Flywear Eyeliner Pencil, Fenty’s first-ever mascara is here: The Full Volume Mascara.

Much like the rest of the line, Fenty Beauty’s first mascara comes with amazing attributes. First, it is water-resistant ( what does this mean, ladies? it means you can now deep your face into the swimming pool with no worries!), the ink-black formula is designed to add volume, lengthen, curl, and lift lashes, but what makes Fenty’s mascara so special is its wand, which features a fat-to-flat brush. The fat side is meant to boost volume and lift lashes, while the flat side defines and curls them.

Well, some fans on Twitter seem unhappy and quite disappointed in Rihanna for not fulfilling a promise. It was noted that the beauty mogul promised her fans a new album before the end of 2019. But as 2019 went by, hopes were lost and disappointment took charge. Well, we guess the star wants to make sure that her cosmetic brand dominates.

Best of luck Rihanna!

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