Product Review: Bioré Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser

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BioréHey guys! So I added the Bioré Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser to my long list of beauty/skin products and I decided to share my experience using it. Generally speaking, your experience using a particular beauty product depends on your skin type. PS: This post isn’t sponsored.

My skin type: Oily and sensitive.

My feedback on this product: I have been using the Bioré Deep cleanser for about 2 months and I must say that it has been nice to me. For a while now my face has been suffering from lots of whiteheads and large pores on my nose. But since I started using the Bioré cleanser twice daily to wash my face, the whiteheads on my face and the noticeably large pores on my nose have become less visible. Also, the amazing thing about this product is the cooling effect it has on my face after every wash, and guess what? It doesn’t leave my face dry after washing it off.

Active ingredients: This product has two main active ingredients: natural charcoal and salicylic acid. The “natural charcoal” in the product helps with deep and double-cleansing while the salicylic acid has been doing a good job on the whiteheads.

How to use this product: It’s simple! Wet your face with warm water, apply a small amount of the Bioré deep pore cleanser on your hands, apply evenly on every part of your face and wash off immediately. This product doesn’t fall in the category of ‘wait from 5 to15 minutes before washing off” Lol!

Is it budget-friendly? Yes! I got mine for 6,000 naira at my local drugstore in the eastern part of Nigeria, it’s worth the price.

Would I purchase this product again? Absolutely yes! And I suggest anyone with sensitive skin/face should try it out and share your experience.

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Muna C.N.

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