My Jumia Online Shopping Experience – I Thought I had Seen It All Until This Happened!

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Another incident happened to me just when I thought I had seen it all from Jumia. It is difficult to get good-quality jeans that are budget-friendly in Lagos. I checked out some Instagram vendors, but the jeans they sold were pricey. Why should I buy a pair of jeans for 11,000 NGN when your site isn’t Asos? Lol

Finally, I decided to check out Jumia, which was my last resort. While searching for a good vendor on Jumia, I came across a brand that I call the “mini-ASOS on Jumia,” but they are officially called Defacto. They sell nice fashionable wear. As I went through their official store, boom! I found a reasonable pair of jeans. Luckily for me, it was Jumia’s anniversary sales, and I was given a 40% discount on the original price. I ordered it and was told it will be delivered the next day.

The size chart misled me!

 The next day, the exact size requested was delivered(EU 34), but the pair of jeans was nowhere close to my size. It became obvious that I was misled by the size chart on the site. There were two charts displayed for the product, one was displayed beside the image while the other was below the image. The reasonable chart to check was the one beside the add-to-cart button, which I did. It highlighted size 6 as EU 34 for denim/jeans, which wasn’t the case.  I realized that the sizes given in the chart were equivalent to waist sizes ( for jeans only). So, I reached out to one of their online customer agents to explain my situation and she advised me on how to go about returning the item and getting a refund.

Testimony Time!

The customer agent initially told me that the pair of jeans will go through a quality check, and if it passes, then I will get a refund. In my mind, I was like “who sent me?” I was literally ready for war! Haha. Brethren, I filled the return and refund form after 24 hours of delivery, and guess what? Jumia processed my refund immediately. Honestly, I was surprised. This isn’t the end, they sent me an email telling me that I can keep the jeans. Heh! I was shocked. I told myself that the e-commerce industry in Nigeria is doing well.

Size chart


Lessons Learnt

  • When ordering jeans from Defacto via Jumia’s website, always have it in mind that the sizes displayed are waist sizes. For instance, if your waist size is 27, go for EU 27.
  • If unsure of what size to buy for any clothing on Jumia, always clarify from their online customer agents. Most times, they guide you through the purchase. (I missed this step when I made the initial purchase)

Ps: I used the refund to get my exact size of jeans from the same vendor on Jumia

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