My Hair Journey + How I Got Rid of Lice

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 If you have never experienced lice infestation in your hair, then consider yourself to be lucky. In other news, if anyone had told me that my hair will be infested with lice about a year ago, I would probably dislike you. So in this post, I will be sharing how I treated hair lice, but before going into that, here’s a short story on my hair journey.

My Hair Journey

I started growing my hair back in 2017 immediately after I left high school. I had zero plans of having my hair relaxed because I admired how my ‘deeper life’ friends/sisters made natural/virgin hair look gorgeous. As I grew my hair, I heard the news of natural/virgin being susceptible to lice infestation and accompanied stories of how people used kerosene and detergent to get rid of lice. Quite scary!

In 2019, I relaxed my natural hair because I was afraid to experience any lice situation. To digress a bit, I loved my black and beautiful relaxed hair, the texture was similar to that of a weave until the devil came. Lol. Around February 2021, that lice infestation I thought that I had avoided found my hair. I started experiencing hair breakage and discoloration. All in all, I was irritated and frustrated. Initially, I was told to buy Invermeticin lotion and apply it to my scalp, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find this in the pharmacy within my area. A friend of mine suggested that I use insecticide (what didn’t I hear? Lol). Well, I tried it, but it didn’t work. 


How I got Rid of Them

I decided to cut my hair completely and washed it twice daily. After washing the small hair left on my head, I applied anti-dandruff ointment and tea tree oil to the wet hair. Once the hair is dry, I start combing aggressively to enable the dead lice to fall off. I continued this routine for a week and my hair became lice-free!

In addition, I bought a new set of combs, a new hair towel (I can’t share my hair towel anymore), and washing my pillowcases daily.

Finally, this was a humbling experience, and one major move that I made was to allow my scalp to get some fresh air, which allowed the treatment to sink properly. Ladies and gents, please improve your hair hygiene. Once you dictate head/hair lice, start treatment immediately.

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