Lifestyle Scoop #6: “Fashion is ever-growing”- Raheem Adebola

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Art,freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics – Victor Pinchuk

Welcome to another interesting episode of the Lifestyle Scoop. Today’s episode features a bundle of creativity. He is a fashion model, an entrepreneur , a digital content creator and has worked with some top nigeria celebrities. Ladies and gents, I present to you Raheem Adebola.

In this interview, he shared his experiences working with Tiwa Savage, Timini Egbuson and some of your faves. He went on to tell us what he would like to change in Nigeria, if given the chance, where he enjoys hanging out the most and much more!

1. Hello Ade, thanks for being part of this month’s Lifestyle Scoop. You are a fashion model, a video director, media content creator, a business owner and have worked for amazing celebrities like Tiwa Savage, Timini Egbuson, Iyanya etc. How would you describe your digital creation journey so far?

The journey has been amazing, from my first gig to working with a music label as the official media personnel. Well, there has been ups and downs, and many lessons have been learnt.

2. What was your experience working with some of these notable celebrities? Was there any point you felt intimidated by their presence?

One similar trait of working with any celebrity is their organization and discipline, it’s money-oriented always, and of course, I was a bit intimidated working with a few of them at the first meeting, but with time both parties loosen up and you end up laughing and sharing so many experiences.

3. Good to hear. So what’s a typical day like for you?

Well, it depends on who I spend my day with, but if I’m alone I’d pray, listen to music, watch movies, eat and write out content.

4. How would you describe your style and what/who inspires your sense of style?

I don’t think I have a personal style yet, but I would say that I’m a fan of hypebeast

5. Still on fashion, what fashion colours would you tell every guy not to have in his wardrobe? *smiles*

Honestly, I can’t say because fashion is ever-growing and you can’t say don’t wear this or that

6. Hmmm, interesting. Reebok or Nike?


7. You own an online shoe store called ‘Sneakers Hub’. What major challenge have you faced running a business?

Customer trust and the delivery process can be exhausting at times.

8. Chilling with the girls or chilling with the boys? And why the choice?

Hmmm, chilling the boys because we have similar interests

9. What’s your guilty pleasure? * smiles*

I don’t have. Lmao

10. How do you spend your free time?

I definitely sleep

11. What’s your favourite hangout spot in Lagos?

The beach

12. Which place/country in the world do you wish to be right now? And why? *

London because most of my friends and creatives are there

13. What travel essentials do you recommend every guy should have in his travelling bag?

Phone, a phone charger, passport, and toiletries.

14. What is the most challenging creative project you’ve worked on? And what made it so challenging?

Hmm, that should be when I was trying to put together a few creatives to make a short film. The timing and negligence were a real challenge.

15. If you are allowed to change a thing in Nigeria, what would that be?

The minimum wage

16. Last but not least, what’s your favourite life quote?

Life is a rollercoaster, so enjoy the ups and downs


Finally, guys, it was lovely having this bundle of creativity here on Bloggishly. I enjoyed every bit of this Q&A with Ade and I’m pretty certain that you have learned a thing or two from it too. Don’t forget to check out his online store, The Sneaker Hub and of course, don’t forget to follow us on Insta. Also, if you missed the last episode of the Scoop with Grace Alex, don’t forget to read all the juicy questions she answered.


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