Lifestyle Scoop #5: “I’m Inspired By The ’70s and ’80s Clothing Designs”- Grace Alex

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Hello, happy people! Welcome to another interesting episode of the Lifestyle Scoop. Today’s episode features the beautiful and stylish Grace Alex popularly known as t2pitchy on social media. Grace is the creative director behind Gafa Sandals, a vintage fashion and lifestyle blogger. In this interview, she shared why she ventured into vintage fashion blogging, what she does on most Saturday evenings, where she shops most of her vintage pieces, what she would like to change in the world and much more!

1. Hello Grace, thanks for being a part of the Scoop series. You are an entrepreneur (Gafa Sandals) and have been a retro/vintage fashion and lifestyle blogger for over 6 years, what inspired you to go into vintage fashion blogging?

Oh, I have been a blogger for over 10years. I decided that vintage clothing allows me to express myself uniquely while balancing my taste for quality clothing.

2. When it comes to styling, which fashion era/period do you channel most of the time? And which era is your favourite?

The late ’70s and early ’80s had great silhouettes for clothing, and I have been inspired by the designs from that era.

3. When it comes to clothing brands that reflect your style, which brand is your favourite? And why?

This is a tough question to answer, but I have seen myself wanting more pieces from “Khaite” and sometimes I think Gucci hits the mark for me.

4. Apart from neutral colours, which colour works well with every skin tone/complexion?

I would go with Purple.

5. Where do you often shop most of your vintage pieces?

Nordstrom or Saks

6. What’s your favourite TV show?

I recently watched Downtown Abbey and it is currently my favourite show

7. Moving on to business, when a fashion brand that doesn’t fit your style approaches you for a collaboration, do you go ahead working with the brand? Or how do you handle such a situation, when it happens?

Thankfully, I have had less occurrence of this. But when it does happen, I send a message to decline the collaboration.

8. Gafa designs give both vintage and contemporary feels at the same time, this I find incredible. Tell us about Gafa Sandals?

Thank you for the compliment, I put a lot of work into designing some of our unique pairs. I started Gafasandals for young millennials who wanted to look good on a budget. So far, we have served over 1000 people and counting. The brand has had its own controversies, but we have gotten past them. We are focused on creating quality products for our customers

9. You studied Communication Culture and Tech at Georgetown’s University in the US, how was your experience being an international student in the US?

I have spoken in detail about my experience on my blog ( The experience was a learning curve, but an opportunity that I am grateful for. There was the initial cultural shock where everyone is only about their business, the communication etc. But I will advise that my blog is a great resource to learn more about my experience.

The Lifestyle Scoop

10. Why did you choose to study in the US and not the UK or Canada or any other foreign country?

My dad had a huge influence on why I chose the US, and I had all-time friends here and that made my choice easier

11. What’s your favourite lipstick colour?

Red and sometimes brown.

12. Everyone seems to have current obsessions, my current obsessions are white polished nails and data analysis. What are your current obsessions?

I am getting back into watching shows, I won’t call it an obsession but watching TV is a new favourite thing. And having doughnuts.

13. Pancakes or waffles?


14. How do you spend your Saturday evenings?

These days I read or sleep. Sometimes I go to my favourite sushi spot

15. What is that thing you wish to change in the world today?

Terrorism – Especially in the contest of Nigeria where a lot of lives have been lost due to terrorist acts


Finally, guys, it was lovely having this blogger royalty grace Bloggishly lifestyle page. I enjoyed every bit of this Q&A with Grace and I’m pretty certain that you have learned a thing or two from it too. Don’t forget to check out GafaSandals and of course, don’t forget to follow us on Insta. Also, if you missed the last episode of the Scoop with Whitney Nwafor, feel free to indulge.

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