Lifestyle Scoop #3: Bloggishly Meets Amaka Oguike

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If simplicity and elegance were a person then, I would say is Amaka Oguike. Welcome back beautiful people to another interesting episode of the Lifestyle Scoop. Today’s episode features the beautiful and stylish Miss Amaka Oguike. She is the 1st runner up for the 2021 Miss Africa Golden Nigeria, a fashion model, a content creator, and has been featured in the popular American Magazine, Vogue. In the interview, she shared so many interesting things about her, from style to beauty, to fitness and how she copes with competition in the modelling industry.

Lifestyle scoop
1. Hello Amaka, thanks for being a part of September’s Lifestyle Scoop on Bloggishly. You are the 1st runner up for the 2021 Miss Africa Golden Nigeria, and have been featured on Vogue Magazine twice! That’s huge, girl. So tell me, what made you go into fashion modelling?

Thank you soo much! *smiles*  Lol it’s a funny story. Well, aside from the fact that people around me commend my height/looks,  and encouraged me to go into modelling,  I took up modelling because I figured it will bring me out of that shell and boost my confidence (PS: I used to be very shy). So walking on the runways with hundreds and thousands of people watching, and working with a lot of people have helped me achieve that goal.  Lastly, I enjoy the travelling aspect of the modelling career☺️ *smiles*

2. How did you feel seeing your first feature on Vogue Magazine? And has that feature given you more exposure in the fashion modelling industry?

I felt super elated! The feeling was indescribable, to be honest. I was super grateful to God because I didn’t even see that coming. The feature definitely gave me more exposure in the fashion modeling industry and I am forever grateful for that.

3. How would you describe your style?

My style is classy, chic, and elegant.

4. What are your current fashion obsessions?

Hmmm, I’m not sure I have any current fashion obsessions tbh, I just buy whatever looks good and I feel comfortable in.

5. What’s your favourite fashion magazine? I hope it’s the one that I’m thinking of*smiles*

Lol, it’s definitely the one you are thinking of! It’s VOGUE baby! ☺️

6. Yaaayyy! Vogue all the way. Heels or Flats?


7. Let’s talk about beauty, what does your morning skincare routine look like?

My morning skincare routine is pretty simple. I wash my face with my face wash, then use a moisturizer and lastly sunscreen, always wear sunscreen Loves 😊 *smiles*

8. Which skincare product is currently your favourite? And why?

Tbh I think it’s my sunscreen, I just love the feeling I get once I wear it, it just sinks into my skin and I feel I can conquer the world once I step outside 😂 *laughs*

9. I can imagine that feeling of conquering the world *laughs*. So, what make-up products do you swear by?

Lol, basically my lipgloss, you can never catch me without my lipgloss or lip balm. Most times I just wear my sunscreen and lipgloss and I am good to go.

10. If I open your make-up bag right now, what make-up item would I find missing? *smiles*

A lot! 😂 *laughs* because I don’t wear a lot of makeup so I don’t have a lot of makeup products

11. What’s your favorite lipstick colour?

Nude and Red, although I prefer lip glosses to lipsticks

12. I prefer online church service to the physical location of the church since the pandemic. Which do you prefer between these two? And why?

Lol, I love physical church service more because I get to fellowship and hang out later with my beloved brethren. Nothing beats that.

13. You are a fitness enthusiast, what exercises do you do to stay in shape?

I do a lot of cardio and abs workout routines to stay in shape. You can check out my IG/YouTube (Divamaka) for cardio/abs workout videos that would be great for you too *smiles*

14. Let’s talk a bit more about modelling, there is so much competition and pressure in the fashion modelling industry, how have you been able to cope and manage these?

Yes, there truly is. I have been able to cope and manage by staying true to myself, sticking with my principles and values regardless of the pressure, it’s not easy trust me but I would rather be genuinely happy than feel uneasy doing things that my spirit isn’t pleased with. The truth is if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. As for the competition I have just learned to always be the best I can be, show excellence and consistency that way the brands/jobs that are for me will come my way. Lastly, I have learned to be content because in as much as you would like to work with soo many brands or do so many jobs, you can’t do all and not all brands will want to work with you so you have to find peace with that.

15. What is your deal-breaker in a relationship?

A person that doesn’t love God, isn’t teachable nor open to learning, isn’t consistent nor supportive.

16. Are there brands you are currently working with? And what brands do you wish to work with in the future?

Currently working with a few brands but can’t share names yet. I would love to work with Swarovski, Zara, Rare Beauty, Maybelline, Lancôme, Balmain, and Jacquemus.

17. Last but not least, what is your life philosophy?

Guard your heart always, and do not base your joy or happiness on feelings, circumstances, or material things so you can glide through the majority of life’s issues.


So, guys, it was lovely doing this again with an amazing individual and I hope you had fun and learned something while reading this interview with Amaka. Don’t forget to subscribe to her youtube channel, and of course, don’t forget to follow us on Insta. Also, if you missed last week’s episode of The Lifestyle Scoop with Efemena Esigie, feel free to indulge.

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