Is It Good Enough?- A Review On Beauty Formulas Nail + Hand Lotion

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, and this review is based on my experience

Over the years, beauty magazines have placed a high priority on face moisturizing over hand moisturizing. Also, most people have noticed that some beauty brand owners focus more on promoting their facial moisturizing creams than hand creams. Why is this so?  These observations have struck up some of these random thoughts – Could it be that these brand owners have realized that most people use their body lotions as hand creams? Or are hand creams last-minute ideas with a low promotional budget? Or are their contents not good enough to be promoted?

Whatever the case, I love having a portable hand moisturizing cream in my handbag. Before the pandemic, it stays in there for months without being touched, but now, it has become part of my beauty routine. Currently, I’m using the Beauty Formulas Hand + Nail Conditioning Cream. Before it, there was a Rose Gold scented hand cream I used(I can’t remember the brand name, but it was really nice). Trust me, getting a good hand cream is as tedious as getting a facial moisturizing cream that works, and that is why I’m sharing my experience with the Beauty Formulas Hand+ Nail Conditioning Cream. 


My honest feedback on this product

I have mixed feelings about this product. First, the cream is lightweight and smells good, so that’s already a point for me. After applying it for a month, I noticed that my nails were getting harder and stopped breaking when they get longer. However, my palms/hands weren’t getting softer (cries). In the initial application, the cream makes your palms softer but after 30 minutes of application, they come back to normal. My conclusion is that this lotion works perfectly for nails but not for the palms/hands. 

Is it budget-friendly?

Yes! I got it naira for 1000 NGN/2 USD.

Would I purchase this product again?

On a scale of 1 to 5, I will be doing a 2.5.

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One thought on “Is It Good Enough?- A Review On Beauty Formulas Nail + Hand Lotion

  1. Love this nail and hand lotion, it leaves my skin hydrated and my nails looking healthy!

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