Important Things You Shouldn’t Do When Visiting A New Baby.

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Important Things You Shouldn’t Do When Visiting A New Baby.


babyThere are things you shouldn’t do when visiting a family that just welcomed a new baby. In this part of the world, most people have made it a tradition to visit close relations or friends who just welcomed a new baby (example: Me).  As a lover of babies and this tradition, I decided to share some don’ts when visiting a new baby.

Here are four important things you shouldn’t do before/during your visit:

  1. Not taking permissions: Not taking any permission before carrying someone else’s baby is not cool because you don’t really know if the mother entertains every hand touching her baby. These days, most nursing mothers don’t really like ‘everyone’ carrying their new-babies. Because at this point in time, they are usually overly-protective of their new babies. Just like the feeling you get when you buy a new car.  So, it will be a thing of respect if you take permission before cuddling someone’s baby.


  1. Wearing perfumes: When you got the -“my wife has delivered a baby.” type of call. I am pretty sure you didn’t hear “come and choke the baby with your expensive cologne.” Lol. Wearing perfumes are not ideal when visiting new babies because inhaling these chemical compounds can cause serious medical conditions for the baby.But, endeavour to be clean before going. For the ladies, you can put a small bottle of perfume in your bag and wear it after the visit.


  1. Bringing no gifts: Some people would say this is not compulsory, but it is necessary. Don’t come with no gifts, it’s not cool. What did they teach in church about givers? Aside from that, every nursing mother is always pleased when you show some love by bringing gifts. The kind of gift to bring depends on you and it doesn’t have to be expensive before it can be appreciated!


  1. Long-Stay: In as much as you are appreciated when you visit the new baby, also know that a very tired nursing mother will not encourage a visitor staying for a long time. So, make your stay short.

Finally, don’t forget that you can be one of the coolest persons in the world by doing the right thing!

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