#LipstickSlay: I Can’t Get Over These Lipstick Colours From Zaron Cosmetics.

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I’m currently drunk in love with some lipstick shades from Zaron. This Nigerian makeup brand has finally won my heart! And some hearts of some of our Nigerian celebrities like Rita Dominic and Juliet Ibrahim. I am always sceptical about using any Nigerian lipstick brand but the Zaron’s collection is a game changer and it is so perfect on the lips!

So, in this post, I will be sharing some lipstick colours from Zaron that I swear by and where I often wear them to.


This is the perfect shade I wear to all official events and to very casual events. I wear this colour when going for job interviews, business meetings , and to work. I like this particular shade because it blends with my skin colour(brown) so it is the perfect nude lippie for me. It lasts as long as 8 hours on my lips, has good fragrance and it’s lightweight. In addition to it’s long lasting advantage, if you are looking for a matte lippie that isn’t too dry, I will strongly recommend this one because it has little moisture in it. You can get this shade from any Zaron outlets in Africa or place an order from their website or send a direct message on any of their social media platforms.


Zaron-Butterscotch: Shop Here


This is close to the carmine red in colour. It saves the day especially when I want to go hang out with friends or going for weddings. This lipstick colour actually gives you that elegant and sassy look. And just makes you look like you just finished a magazine photo-shoot. If you can’t afford the Mac Ruby Wool lip shade, this is the closest to that shade from the Zaron’s lipstick collection.And it’s completely matte and long-lasting.


Zaron Fierce : Shop Here


Well, this is not a lipstick but a lip-stain. Just like the name, this is the real ‘pepper them’ shade .The picture below didn’t really do justice to this lip-stain because Chilli  is carmine red.  And I wear this colour on days that I don’t want any moisture on my lips. It’s a good substitute for the  Fierce lipstick. It gives you that unstoppable and glamorous look.


Zaron- Chilli: Shop Here


Finally, these are my favourite lipstick shades/colours when it comes to the Zaron lipstick collection. What’s yours?

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