How To Effectively Wash Your Makeup Brushes

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As you know, makeup brushes prevent us from using our hands to apply makeup on our faces. If you have been battling with bad acne, blackheads, and pimples and probably you’ve used some products on them but you haven’t seen any improvement on your face. Then, I guess it’s time for you to wash your make-up brushes. Accumulated chemicals from concealers/foundations on those brushes yield bacteria and cause breakouts. Scary! So, this post will show you how to effectively clean your makeup brushes.


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Here are the steps:

Step 1: Bring out a medium-sized bowl

A medium-sized bowl is advised in order to give room for the brushes to settle in properly.

Step 2: Fill the bowl with lukewarm water
Off the top of my head, lukewarm water is around 45 degrees Celsius, I often use something hotter, let’s say 55 degrees Celsius is just fine. For you to be able to keep your hands in the water comfortably when washing them.

Step 3: Pour a moderate quantity of mild detergent into the water
Mix the detergent or baby shampoo properly with the water using your hands. Adding mild detergent or shampoo will help dissolve the dried chemicals found around the bristle area of the brush.

Step 4: Put the brushes inside the mixture for about 2 minutes
Allow the brushes to settle in the mixture. Also, make sure that the water covers them very well. Leave for at least 2 minutes.

Step 5: Use your fingers to gently squeeze out dirt from the bristle area.
By now, you should see that the water in the bowl is dirty. Use your fingers to squeeze out the remaining dirt hidden in the bristles. Do this as long as you want. And then, throw the water away.

Step 6: Pour another clean water (cold) into the bowl to rinse the brushes
Make sure to rinse the brushes with clean water at least twice.

Step 7: Sterilise the brushes
After rinsing, mix lukewarm water and a few drops of sanitizer together. And put the brushes into the sterile water for a minute and bring them out.

Step 8: Sundry or blow dry them
Use your hand to shapen the brush bristles, spread them on a neat platform and allow the sun to dry them. If you have a hand dryer, you can use it to dry them too.

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