Hoops or Studs? + How I Style Hoops + Styling Tips From Style Experts

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Hoops or studs? This is a usual question asked by anyone who has difficulty accessorizing outfits.  Also, a few people in this world don’t bother asking because they are not dynamic when accessorizing. What do I mean by ‘not dynamic’? I’m talking about people who wear only a type of earring.

I have been getting questions about what type of earrings I wear most of the time and which type of earrings I prefer if given a chance to choose between studs and hoop earrings. In this blog post, I will provide answers to asked questions about my earring preference, how I style hoop earrings, and earring styling tips from style experts

Hoops earrings or Studs?

Hmmm. Hoops! I prefer them. I know this answer is a surprising one because I wear my signature ‘pearl studs’ most of the time, but I prefer the medium-sized c-hoop earrings. Hoop earrings are versatile and not boring. I believe hoops can be worn to any occasion. However, every event is unique, so the size of hoop earrings should differ with each type of event. For instance, a casual outing with the girls requires a medium-sized hoop, while an interview requires a tiny hoop. Also, I know most people prefer studs because they are simple and elegant piece (..additionally, you can easily wear them with no hassle).

Hoop earring

How Do I Style It?

Honestly, hoop earrings go with any outfit, from casual to dressy. How I style hoop earrings are dependent on the hairstyle that I’m wearing and my mood (lol). I often wear hoops when I pack my natural hair into a ponytail or braids in a doughnut pattern and when I’m wearing a short wig.

Styling Tips by Style Experts on Hoop Earrings

  • A video shared by style expert, Alison Deyette shows two amazing looks a hoop earring creates. That hoop earring changed her from a housewife hosting a tea party to a badass rich entrepreneur. Hoop earrings take you from 0 to 100 real quick!
  • Ear Stylist, Johnny of Lulu’s Body Piercing talked about what earring works for each hairstyle. I’m pretty glad that he supports the fact that hoop earrings are best suited for ponytail hairstyles or laid-back hairstyles because it surely flatters your face.

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