Hair Growth Therapy For Relaxed Hair + Dos and Don’ts of Relaxed Hair

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Hair growth is intentional. In Nigeria, we often believe that intensive hair care should be done mostly by people who wear Natural/Virgin hair because natural hair is difficult to maintain. Here’s the truth, all black hair deserve intensive care, especially relaxed hair because the hair has been chemically straightened with a chemical cream called a relaxer. Which opens the hair cuticles, penetrates the cortex, and breaks down the bonds that make a hair strand curl.

Do’s of Relaxed Hair

  • Find a Good Relaxer (No-lye): I strongly recommend a no-lye hair relaxer for sensitive scalped ladies because it is less irritating on the scalp and it reduces hair breakage. There are some good quality no-lye relaxer brands out there, but my personal preference is the Mega-growth No-lye relaxer. If you are in Nigeria or US, you can easily reach out to them on their Instagram page.
  • Use a sulphate-free shampoo:  Always check what in of a hair shampoo before purchasing. One hair mistake people make is not using a neutralising shampoo or using a sulphate-filled shampoo.  If it contains sulphate, discard it. Sulphate strips your hair of natural oils which helps to prevent hair breakage.
  • Wear Protective Hairstyles Only:  There are countless options for protective hairstyles. We have cornrows, braids, twists, etc. These styles keep your relaxed hair protected from damage.
  • Get A Protein Treatment: Your hair is made up of protein components and when you go into a hair relaxing treatment. These protein bonds in your strands are broken. It’s important to replenish your hair’s protein elements. An example of a home-made protein mix treatment is the egg and honey mixture.

Don’ts of Relaxed Hair

  • Don’t use chemical/inorganic hair dyes: Your hair is already processed and using additional chemicals to it
    can damage it further.
  • Do not use alcohol or synthetic hair products: Avoid products with petroleum, which can lead to excessive dryness. Use natural products like coconut oil, Argan oil, castor oil, etc.
  • Do not apply excessive heat to your hair: Daily usage of straighteners is not advisable. Excessive heat can cause damage to the hair follicles.

Finally, your hair is your crown, take good care of it.

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Muna C.N

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