Top 4 Vibrant Colours Ladies Need To Incorporate Into Their Work Wears

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In the world of contemporary fashion, the black, burgundy and navy blue colours are getting boring for the everyone especially for the 8 to 5 lady. We need some colours that can brighten our days at work! So, if you are tired of your boring work outfits and wondering which colours can give you that confidence and respect you crave for at work. Then, this post is for you.

Here are 4 colours that you can incorporate into your work wear:

# Red: When you give me all shades of red, what you have given me is power. The perfect shades of red are the scarlet and the crimson, which Nigerians call the ‘Pepper red’. Red is a super colour for every career woman in the workplace, throw that boring black away because its era is over!. This colour brings another kind of energy to the workplace when you wear it. If you ask me, I will tell you that red is not just a colour, it is an attitude!. Red exudes excitement, confidence and power. And the good thing about red is the fact that you can pair it with almost any colour or you can go monochrome. Going monochrome is one powerful move and trust me, you will leave an indelible mark in the minds of your colleagues or clients at work. Go red!

Red Colour                               Red

#Emerald Green: Hmmm. Did someone say Emerald? I am sure you are imagining what shade of green is this. The emerald green is a perfect colour that says “it’s all about making money.” And it is a great substitute for the navy blue colour. This colour exudes stability and makes you look very ambitious if you ask me. What other first impression do you need to give to your clients other than the aforementioned? Nothing! This a great colour for business meetings and presentations.

Emerald Colour

Emerald: Amazon

# The Royal Blue: Throw on a royal blue dress or pants and head to work. I’m pretty sure that you will be getting beautiful compliments all day long because it gives everyone around you a breath of fresh air! Personally, I love blue but this particular shade is a game changer!

blue Colour

Royal blue: Amazon

#Fuchsia (Pink): The colour that tells everyone in the room -“We did not come here to throw stones” . And will definitely make you the fulcrum of the moment. Studies have shown that people who often wear this colour exude warmth and love. Great pick for resolution meetings because it brings a peaceful energy. A perfect power colour for the career lady especially those in the non-profit organisations or even in the legal sector! who said lawyers are stuck with the black and white? Prove them wrong.

Fuschia Colour

Fuschia: eBay

Finally, now you know what kind of colours to start wearing to work apart from the ‘usuals’ and why you should wear them to the office.

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Have a colourful day!

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