Best Christmas Gift Combos that Are Below 5,000 Naira !

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Whao! The Christmas season is here again and from this end, we are extremely excited! Because love is in the airrrr! *drumrolls* This is the best time of the year for almost everyone because we receive presents and we give presents. But most people worry about what to get for their loved ones and also what is affordable because you really don’t want to break a bank because of gifts.

So, below are the five amazing and affordable gift combo ideas for the season. Based on our market survey, each gift combo is at most 5,000 Nigerian Naira (NGN).

#1. A brooch, a Christmas card and stud earrings : This gift combo is so feminine. And most ladies will absolutely love this. There are affordable and good brooches at 1500 NGN, you don’t need to get the Gucci kinda brooch! Lol. Add a pair of crystal stud earrings to make it a glamorous Christmas present!




#2. A pack of soft drinks (12) and a mini box of candies: If you ask me, this is the best gift combo you can give to anyone. It doesn’t matter how old they are. Trust me, it will be highly appreciated. With so many soft drink brands, you can definitely find a carton of soft drink that ranges from 1500 NGN – 3000 NGN. For instance, in Nigeria, a pack of Coca-Cola costs roughly about 2,000 NGN. And the good thing about this gift combo is that you have saved the receiver some cash by getting extra drinks for their Christmas celebration.

#3. A tea mug, a pack of tea bags and a card: This combo is absolutely the best for a tea lover. Your choice of tea mug depends on you. But as far as we know, a moderate tea mug costs less than 2000 naira ( $5.50), a pack of detox tea bags (depending on the brand) is less than 2,000 NGN. Do the maths and thank me later!

Tea bags Mug

#4. A Christmas themed notepad and a wallet: A notepad is just a notepad but, making an extra effort to get a Christmas- themed notepad is everything! This gift combo is a little bit intimate and that is why it made it to our list! And we are absolutely loving it! . Additional tip, you can put a  beautiful note into the wallet before you present this to your loved one.


#5. A 4000 NGN gift voucher and a keyring chain: This gift combo gives the receiver the power to choose her/his own gift within a budget. A keyring is just the bonus here. In other words, you can decide to send the money to the person’s bank account if you can’t find any 4000 NGN gift voucher. It’s a win-win.

Gift voucher

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope this was helpful.

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