Beginners List : 9 Must-Haves In A Makeup Bag For Men And Women

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Applying face makeup is no longer news for women. Someone might ask – Do men apply makeup? Yes, they do. Most men apply light foundation on their wedding day, and some wear light makeup just for the fun of it or for some reason. Some famous and unfamous guys have shared some videos of themselves applying a little make-up to achieve a sun-kissed look. Hence, both men and women use makeup.

If you are looking to start applying makeup, but you don’t have the full picture of what makeup items to buy, or you have an idea of what to buy but don’t necessarily know why you need them then, this post is for you.

As a makeup newbie, the list below will help you achieve a classic makeup look without going overboard:


#1. Primer

A primer is an essential item to have in every makeup bag. Personally, primers have helped me achieve a flawless look anytime I wear makeup and allows the makeup to last longer. If you have an oily face, I strongly recommend a matte primer. For men/guys that apply foundations, primer is a must-have for you. Invest in one!

#2. A Full Coverage Foundation

Your face is not made up until you apply a foundation, which is why it’s a must-have. Full coverage foundation gives you a flawless, natural, and selfie-ready look anytime. It helps even out your skin tone. I suggest you look for shades the same as your skin color to create a natural look. I don’t buy into the idea of a shade lighter than your complexion tip most make-up artists often give.

#3. A Spooling Brush

Some call it “the eyebrow brush.” Most spooling brushes are very handy and a must-have for everyone. For ladies, before applying your eyebrow pencil to your eyebrows, always use the spooling brush to comb them out.

#4. An Eyeliner Pencil(Optional)

This particular item is for the ladies. An eyeliner takes your eye makeup from 0 to 90 real quick, but my advice is if you haven’t mastered the art of winging it, don’t bother including it in your bag because even the makeup pros sometimes find it difficult to use it.

#5. Eye Brow Pencil

Darling, if you want to get the ‘wowww’ applause from people regarding your makeup look, drawing the perfect brow is a way to go. A brow pencil always saves the day for some of us with scanty eyebrows, so include it in your makeup bag.

#6. Lipstick

Lipstick changes your look from a homeless-looking girl to a ‘Slayonce’ in seconds! The power of lipstick in your makeup bag should never be underestimated.

#7. Lip-gloss/Lip Balm

Ladies and gents, lip balm helps make your lips soft and heals dryness on the lips. This also goes for lipglosses, they are good on days when you don’t feel like applying lipsticks or you just want some shine on your lips.

#8. A Lipliner

Ladies, I think every girl should own a lip liner. Lip liners help you to achieve any lip size you want. It all depends on how and where on your lips you draw the lines.

#9. Mascara

This is the finishing touch for all eye makeups. Mascara brings life to your eyes by giving you longer and thicker lashes. Investing in one is necessary.

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