Beauty Sleep: How To Sleep Better in 2020

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As 2020 is gradually upon us, I guess it’s time to make our New Year resolutions! And one of them should be getting a good night’s sleep. It is recommended for an adult to sleep for  7-8 hours daily. But, most people living in busy cities like New York, Lagos, Madrid etc, are suffering from sleep deprivation due to obvious reasons.

As we know, sleeping well has awesome benefits especially on your mental health and skin appearance. Lack of sleep can lower the wound healing process, increase the ageing process and so on.

Hence, if you are struggling to get enough sleep or have insomnia, then this post is simply for you. Below are tips that will enable you to get better sleep at night.


#1. Avoid a high- carb meal at night

Amy Gorin, a New York-based dietitian says ” a carb-rich food at night is likely to reduce the amount of melatonin (which is the sleep hormone) secreted by the body. This implies that meals rich in fibre and protein should be taken for dinner.

#2. Eat dinner on time

Eating late at night can lead to so many health issues. These issues may include indigestion which will likely lead to a stroke. Sleep advisors and dietitians have advised having your meal 2 to 3hours before bedtime. In that case, this will aid your meal to digest properly and avoid unusual discomfort in bed that could affect your sleep quality and time.

#3. Change what you sleep in

What you sleep in affects your sleep time. Let’s start with what you wear to bed. Cotton pyjamas or a cotton nightgown or your boyfriend’s XL t-shirts are perfect for the night. Well, if you stay in the tropical parts of the world where the temperature is above 25 degrees Celcius, going bare at night is not a bad idea at all as long as you are comfortable with it. The aim here is to wear something soft and comfy to bed. Also, for your bedsheets, “go for something natural like cotton and linen” says Dr Bhattacharya.

#4. Redecorate and tidy your room

Someone would ask, how does redecoration improve my sleep quality and time? Well, changing your wall colour exudes a relaxed ambience.  A study conducted by the UK  hotel brand – Travelodge discovered that there is a correlation between colours and sleep. In their study, they found out that colours like pink, white, blue, and yellow encourage relaxation. You can add a pot of flower by the window side to infuse positivity in your room too.  Hence, painting your bedroom walls with these colours and organising your room will help enhance your sleep quality.

#5. Lights out!

It is advisable to put the lights out before going to bed. This simply tells your brain that it is time to rest. If you are in the habit of leaving the lights on and still want to get a good night rest, it ends today. Turn off all electronic devices such as your phone, TV, a laptop that will distract you from closing your eyes. According to the National Sleep Foundation,  too much exposure to light before bedtime will likely prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.


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