Alexandra Grant Shares On Instagram Why She Rocks Her Gray Hair

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In simple terms, Alexandra Grant just told us that she doesn’t give a damn about hair dyes anymore! Lol. In today’s world of glamour and spotlights, being a celebrity and staying celebrated  is tough because of public expectations of your physical appearance. But guess what, not all celebrities give a damn about the colour of their hair or the lipstick colour they will wear to Kylie Jenner’s party. And one of this kind  is the 46-year-old American visual artist, Alexandra Grant; who is rumoured to be dating a 55-year-old actor, Keanu Reeves.


Recently, Grant shared a  screen shot  of a Newsweek article on her  Instagram of a study that found that the use of permanent hair dye by women could lead to an increased risk of breast cancer. According to the International Journal of Cancer. In a study of 46,709 women ages 35–74, researchers found a positive correlation suggesting “chemicals in hair products may play a role in breast carcinogenesis.”

In her post she says “I went gray prematurely in my early 20’s and dyed my hair every colour along the way until I couldn’t tolerate the toxicity of the dyes any more.” She went further to say “In my 30’s I let my hair turn “blonde” .” . The artist also said that she supports how a woman chooses to look at every age but she doesn’t support the fact that women should risk their health because of beauty standards.

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