5 Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Flying

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You can agree with me that  the fastest means of transportation is air transport. And one major reason people are scared of travelling by air is due to plane crashes but here is the good news, statistics concludes that travelling by air is the safest means of transportation! So, lets kill this fear, shall we?

I remember years back when I had the fear of flying and I said to myself “I rather travel by road for the rest of my life than by air. ” But that is not the case anymore! And thanks to the following things that I did to overcome my fear of flying.

So,here are 5 tips that will help you get rid of that fear of flying:

Fear Of Flying

#Do some research: Get to know how the flying process works! if you ask me, I would say this helped me a whole lot because it helps you understand what the different plane sounds meant from take off to landing.And trust me, once you get to know how the flying process works, hearing different sounds while on board won’t trigger you anymore.

#Avoid taking coffee: Why taking something that will make you more nervous, when you are already nervous?. Remember before your travel date there is this anxiety and fear attached to your trip! So, avoid taking a stimulant like coffee but I will rather suggest a cup of tea.

#Keep yourself busy: Keep yourself busy as this will help you forget the fact that you are on a 10-hour flight or even longer. Watch a movie or listen to cool music. Fortunately for you, many airlines have incorporated seasonal movies into their in-flight entertainment. So, don’t ask what you will do after a 3-hour movie has ended! If you ask me what genre of movie to watch? I would say comedy. Thank me later.

#Communicate your fears to someone: One great thing to do before you board or while on board is to talk to someone about your fears. This helped me and I’m very sure it will also help you. Talk to your parents or the flight attendant or even your seat partner about your fears. These people will definitely calm your nerves by sharing lovely experiences they’ve had flying around the world and assure you that the pilot knows what he is doing. Of course he/she does! Don’t forget a problem shared is a problem half solved.

#Do not choose the window seat: Choosing a window seat while booking your tickets online is a wrong choice especially at this point in your life. Lol. So, I strongly suggest you choose a seat that lies between two other seats. A window seat can come after you get really comfortable with flying.

So, hope this helps, make sure you book that plane ticket and live your best life!
Have a safe trip ahead!



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