5 Things You Need To Check Before Deciding On A Vacation Destination

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Going on a vacation is the best thing that can happen to anyone. Your vacation destination could be anywhere, it doesn’t matter if its within or outside your home country. Most times, we choose vacation destinations based on how fancy the vacation spot sounds and based on some pictures that the media term ‘cool’. So, oftentimes we get disappointed especially when we get to the destination and find out its not what  we imagined it to be. Ouch! That hurts.

So, it is important to check some things before making your decision. Hence, this post will help you to minimise the disappointment by letting you know the 5 major things you need to consider before saying ‘yes’ to that ultimate vacation destination. Here we go:


#Culture of the people

 If you are travelling alone, this is a huge deal. If you are from an English speaking country, I think the first thing to figure out is if they speak English at all in that destination. Reason being that you wouldn’t want to be using google translator every time to get food at a restaurant or make new friends! In addition to that, you need to find out what delicacies are available there.If you eventually find out, would you love to try out those delicacies?

#Tourist sites

Well, people are different. What appeals to Jane may not appeal to John. Do they have tourist sites that appeal to you? Check it out! You wouldn’t want to go there without taking an adventure or taking beautiful pictures. So, avoid disappointment by finding out interesting places to visit in that location.

#Security checks

What has been the recent happenings in that location? Has there been consistent bombing in that location you intend to stay? Find out! Because you wouldn’t want to hear gunshots outside your hotel window and probably be wondering what could be happening. Knowing how secured a place is quite important when deciding on a city for that ultimate vacation.

#Personal style

Does the country allow foreigners to wear bum-shorts? Or will you get arrested if you dress in a particular way? Please find out. You wouldn’t want to be wearing outfits that don’t appeal to your personal style.

#How long it takes to get there

If you hate long flights just like me, then you wouldn’t want to choose a place that takes forever to get there. So, check how long it will take to get there. Is it a place you can travel to without heaving a sigh of tiredness while travelling? If yes, you are good to go! Also, does the location have straight flights? Or will you have more than 2 layovers? These are the things you need to check before you start processing visas and booking flights to that vacation destination.

Thanks for reading and if you have other background checks that need to be considered before choosing a vacation destination. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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Happy vacation planning!

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