5 Things Bloggers Don’t Tell You About Proper Blogging

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“WordPress” and “Blogger” blog platforms have made it super easy to set up a blog. Starting a blog is great, but there are some hidden truths most bloggers don’t tell you about running a proper blog. Here are some truths bloggers don’t tell you about blogging.

5 Things Bloggers Don’t Tell You About Proper Blogging

1. You Don’t Get To Write Anything You Want!

Who said you can post anything you want on your blog? Dears, you can’t write anything and post it for the public to read. For instance, if your blogging niche is ‘Technology’, you cannot write about a friend’s beauty routine, that would look absurd on your website. Think about it. Recently, people choose lifestyle blogging because it is a versatile niche. In as much as you have a variety of topics to write about as a lifestyle blogger, you still have limitations on what you can write and post on your site. For example, you can’t write about your dog pooping on the couch or how you decided to stroll down the street to get groceries (not cool). You can tweet about these events, but you can’t put such mini-content on your website (I’m sorry, it doesn’t scream quality content). The question you need to ask yourself before putting up something on your blog should be – What value will this content provide to my readers?

2. You Don’t Make Money Immediately

Before starting Bloggishly, we had several discussions with people about starting a blog and 60% of the time, most people start by saying ” Wow, that’s great! you will make a lot of money even from the first year“. Phewwwww. If the main reason you start a blog is to start making money immediately, scrap the idea. Most of the time, you don’t make money from blogging in your first year. Your focus in your first year of blogging should be increasing your page views by utilizing social media platforms to promote your content and by writing valuable content.

3. You Need Money To Run a Quality Blog

If you see your blog as a future business and you see it as the next big thing in the industry, then you need money to run it. For starters, you need money to make payments for monthly internet data subscriptions to publish posts. In some cases, you might need to pay an intern or get a social media manager to create both social and website content (This is for the 9-5 busy bees. lol). Visibility is everything in blogging, there are days when you need to boost your social media posts, and this can be done by buying ads on IG (Tech bros 1 – 1 You).

4. Writing/Publishing A Post Takes Hours!!!!!

It takes strength, and the grace of God to publish a post, lol. Planning out content takes time, writing the content takes a lot of time because you have to logically think of the right way to present your content/idea, edit the post, source images, optimize the post for search engines and proofread again. The hard work that goes into publishing a post explains why most bloggers turn influencers charge a lot for consultations and product promotions.

5. It exposes You To A lot of Techie Stuff

Blogging forces you to learn/gain some technical skills like HTML, CSS, WordPress and SEO optimisation. Personally, this is the exciting part of being a blogger/writer.  If you think you might find it difficult to learn and implement these things on your own, then I’m guessing you are ready to spend some cash.

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