5 Serious Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Every New Year

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Happy New Year, Loves! What is that feeling you often have about a New Year? For some people, it feels like moving into a new relationship with no idea of what the outcome would be, right? I know some of us have made positive declarations for the New Year, but it doesn’t end there. There are some questions you need to ask yourself and some adjustments you need to make before your declarations can come to life.

Hence, below are some intelligent life questions you need to ask yourself in every new year:

1. What aspect of my life do I want to improve this year?

This question is all-encompassing. What aspect of your life is seriously dragging or have you completely ignored? It could be your praying life? Your Family Life? Finances? etc. Find out and make a goal to improve it.

2. What skill do I want to learn or improve on?

Is there a skill you wish to learn? hair-making? Make-up? Data analysis? Blogging? Or do you wish to improve on a skill? The answer serves as a foundation if you wish to improve your finances in the New Year.

3. How do I want to celebrate my small wins?

Most people skip the ‘small win’ part of life. Celebrating your small wins is important to your living because it motivates you to do more and enhances your confidence, which is why you need to figure out a way to celebrate them.

4. How do I motivate myself to go on with life after experiencing a loss?

It is very easy to give up after experiencing a loss. How do you go about motivating yourself after you’ve failed woefully in an exam? or when you didn’t get the contract? Your answer to this question will tell you a lot about yourself. Learning how to be self-motivated is the key

5. Who are my friends?

This question is referring to the social class of your friends rather it asks about the personality of your friends. Are they driven? Are they friends that motivate you to become a better version of yourself or otherwise? Do they support your goals or do they help you achieve them? Your answers to these questions would determine whether to keep them or disassociate from them in the New Year.

Thanks for reading! Are there more questions you think should be added to the list? Keep me posted in the comment section below. Please don’t forget to join our Instagram community.

Have a fantastic New Year!

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