5 Reasons Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working

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Disclaimer: These are based on personal experiences and some of these reasons may not apply to you 

There are reasons your skincare routine isn’t working. A few years back, I remember getting tons of skincare products from good brands to kick off my skincare journey (from Clean & Clear to Neutrogena to Clarins.. oh well, I had free money to spend. lol). Did it go well from the start? No, it didn’t. After a month of consistency, nothing happened. The reason I started a skincare routine was to prevent and remove pimples/acne from my face. However, the pimples/acne got worse! I started doing my research and asking some skincare gurus in school (back then) what could be the issue.  After all these, I realized that I needed to make some lifestyle adjustments, and voila! my face started getting better.

So, in this post, I will share 5  things that prevent your skincare routine from working effectively:

Skincare Routine

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#1. Your Pillowcases

Sleeping on the same pillowcase for more than 5 days without washing increases the ineffectiveness of your skincare routine. One of the main causes of acne/pimples is bacteria build-up in your pores. Our hair uses a lot of hair products, which sometimes rub off on our pillowcases during bedtime. While we sleep, the dirt on the pillowcases penetrates into the pores on the face, which in turn leads to acne/pimples. Change pillowcases twice a week and cover your hair using a satin/silk hair bonnet.

#2. Not Knowing Your Skin Type

Not knowing your skin type often leads you to make wrong choices when buying products for your skin routine. During the time I started my skin regimen, I often go for oily and sensitive skin products, which wasn’t what I needed. Later on, I realized that I needed to go for products for combination skin types. Immediately I switched to the right products, my face started getting clear.

A pro-tip: Stay away from products that say – For all skin types.

#3. Not Hydrating Properly

Your skincare routine might go down the drain when you don’t drink enough water. Soft drinks don’t remove toxins from the body, but taking enough water does. You can’t be on a smooth skincare journey without taking at least 8 glasses of water daily. Drink up, sis.

#4. You aren’t eating the right meals

A dermatologist once told me that the journey to good skin starts from what we consume.  If your skin routine is not working, try changing your diet. This tip helped me curb the massive breakouts I experienced when I started my skincare journey. I started adding fruits and veggies to my diet when I can.

#5. Not taking off your make-up properly

It is ideal to take off your makeup before going to bed (old gist). Now the question is – How do you take off your makeup? (New gist. lol). Most people make the mistake of using only makeup wipes to take off their makeup. I made the same mistake until I realized that it wasn’t the best way. It’s okay to use wipes, but that’s not all. I went further to add micellar water to my regimen, which worked magic. My favorite micellar water is the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water, which is quite affordable.

Finally, getting clear skin doesn’t depend only on how consistent you are with your routine, but your ability to make few sacrifices that promote a healthy lifestyle.



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