5 Easy and Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorials

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February 14 is gradually approaching and some of us are already picking out outfits for romantic date nights, with the boo,  movie dates with girlfriends etc. So, we checked the  “what can I do on a valentine’s day” list and we figured out that every lady needs an easy and simple makeup to spice up every item on that list. So below are 5 simple and gorgeous Valentine’s Day makeup ideas.


1. Fierce Look!

I can bet that the boo will not take his eyes off you during that dinner date. This smokey-eye effect with a touch of gold glitter is everything!

2. The Sexy and Classic Look

The bold red lipstick gives the power look. And definitely makes you the “Marilyn Monroe” of the day.

3. The Soft Look

This all neutral and glowy look is absolutely gorgeous. It simply defines “less is more.”

4. The Glow-In-The-Dark

5.  Pink Love


I hope these tutorials help. Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to check out other beauty posts.






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