Exclusive! 4 Best Business Casual Shoes For Men.

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 Men’s fashion can be a little tricky especially when the dress code for that event says “Business Casual.” Most guys get confused as to what footwear to wear when they get such memo. So, if you are one of those that worry about what shoes to wear in order to achieve the business casual look, worry less! Because this post is about to make life easier for you.

Here are the 4 best business casual shoes for every guy:

1. Brogues

Did someone mention brogues? *feeling excited* Yes! In case you don’t know what brogues are, let me enlighten you. These are men shoes that are perforated on the shoe cap and slightly around the lace area. The perforations on these classics make them appear less formal (See picture below). Brogues are my best bet for every business casual meetings.* winks*

Men Brogues

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2. Loafers

We can’t think of ‘business casual’ without thinking about loafers. Loafers are super comfortable shoes. They are most likely to be called casual shoes. What makes them business casual is how you style them. You can rock these shoes to work by wearing a pair of suit pants or chinos. And viola! You are a fashionista!

Men Loafers

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3. Monk straps

The straps on these shoes make them look less formal. But the shiny leather skin makes them qualified to be worn for meetings. Hence, these shoes are your best bet when you want to appear business casual.

Men's Monk

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4. Chelsea Boots

This footwear is the most stylish business casual pair of shoe for men that live in Europe and some other parts of the world. This is your best shot to remaining stylish when the wind blows with no mercy during  autumn. Chelsea boots are shoes that are 2-inches above the ankle. They can be worn with a well-tailored pair of suit pants or chinos.

Chelsea Boots- Men

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Now you know, it’s officially time to move your fashion game to the permanent site! Lol.

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