3 Tips on how To Remove Different Make-up Stains Quickly From Your Outfits

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Make-up stains are fabric and mood killers (lol). There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than a foundation or a lipstick stain on your outfit just 20 mins before your outing. There have been situations where I was about to apply a loose setting powder on my face, and boom! my blouse caught some of the powdery substance.

Makeup stains on outfits can be unavoidable. Sometimes, you may be careful not to get stained but end up getting stained by your bestfriend’s/girlfriend’s brown powder or lipstick after a hug (Tada!). So, today’s post shares tips on how to remove different make-up stains from your outfits.

#1. Use a blow dryer to remove powdery substances – (Eg. eyeshadow glitters, and loose powders)

When applying loose powder with a powder brush, there is a tendency that the powder particles will rest on your clothing. When this happens, plug your blow dryer into a power supply. Once the blow dryer is powered on, put the nozzle of the dryer on the affected area of the clothing to blow off the stain. If there are still little stains left, use a make-up remover gently on that area to remove the stain permanently.

#2. Shaving cream or baking soda to remove foundation and concealer stains

This works like magic! The first step is to mix white shaving cream with a drop of alcohol and apply it to the foundation stain. Allow the mixture to stay for about 10 minutes. If there is no shaving cream in the house, rub the baking soda on the stain and leave for 15 mins-30 mins, and rinse off gently.

#3. White vinegar and dish-washing liquid (Lipstick Stains)

Matte lipstick and satin lipstick stains can be very difficult to remove. One might say using the normal detergent does it better, but hey, normal detergent can be too harsh on some fabrics. Aside from that, most lipsticks are made of greasy substances, which makes a dish-washing liquid the number one option to remove oil-based substances.

Firstly, mix the dish-washing liquid and vinegar together and apply the mixture directly to the stain. Leave the mixture there for about 15 minutes and use a damp tiny towel to rub gently until the stain goes off completely. Rinse as usual.


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