3 Tips On Discovering Your Style + How I Discovered Mine

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Style is evergreen, but fashion is seasonal. The way you dress gives an idea of who you are. Someone would ask: Fashion and Style, are they not the same? Friend, they are not. Style is what belongs to you, it’s something that resonates with your individuality. Fashion is what the media tells you is trending at a particular time, it could be a type of clothing or jewellery that may not necessarily be your thing. For example, let’s say you saw two people wearing the latest Tom Ford’s ankle-strap 7-inches heels, and different magazine editors also shared that these heels are currently trending, and all of a sudden, you are influenced into buying them. Pause! Let me ask – Why are you buying it? Are you buying it because of peer/media pressure? Does it fit into your daily lifestyle? Will you feel comfortable walking in them? If your answers are in this order: Yes, No, and No. Dear, you are yet to discover your personal style.

In this post, I will share tips that helped me discover my personal style.



Focus Less On Fashion Trends 

Following all fashion trends isn’t going to help you find your personal style. Trends come and go, are you going to keep buying things based on popular demands? Buy things that express your true self.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to follow fashion trends that suit your personal style when you know what it is, but not when you haven’t figured it out. To develop your personal style, buy clothes or accessories that speak to you and that you are completely attracted to on a deeper level. Before I buy anything, I often ask myself – Am I buying this because it complements well with the items in my wardrobe? or Am I buying it because everyone is buying it? If my answer is yes to the latter, then I leave it. The advice is to focus on what you see yourself wearing in the next ten years and not what you will end up dumping in the trash in the next year.

Focus more on Comfort

Before I start, let me tell a short story about a girl I saw 2 years ago on my way to work. When I saw the lady from where I was, she walked like she was in pain. When she got closer, I noticed she was wearing a 6-inch heel. Obviously, this lady falls in the category of people that can’t handle 6-inch heels, but she ends up wearing it because it’s trendy. Your personal style should make you feel on top of the world and comfortable at the same time. If wearing a pair of ballet flats to every event makes you comfortable, so be it. If wearing a 3.5 inches heel makes you feel comfy than the trendy 6.0 inches, then go with it. The mantra is to keep trying to discover it but don’t force it. 

Don’t Ignore Your Lifestyle

The road to finding your personal style is to look at the way you live. Focus on your career and daily activities, this will help you figure out your style. I understand we want to look like some of our celebrities, but let’s not forget that these people are styled based on their work type. Hence, their sense of style shouldn’t be our focus when we want to find what suits us. Personally, my style ranges from casual to business casual because I work from home most of the time. If you call me out for a drink, there is a 70% chance that I will be wearing a nice t-shirt or a loose sweater top with a pair of jeans.

This is to say that your style should be comfortable but at the same time reflect who you are and what you do often. For instance, a stay-at-home mom probably wears jeans and t-shirts to run errands and wears floral dresses to pick up her kids from school. Her style profile is simple but elegant and suits her daily routine.

Finally, your personal style is what differentiates you from every other person in the room. In other words, your style is the way you express your inner self.

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