3 Most Effective DIY Organic Facial Masks For The Dark/Brown -Skinned

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We have read and heard about different organic facial masks that work for all complexions, but when we use them, they don’t produce the desired results. In some cases, the face masks create discolouration on one’s face. Being brown-skinned, I have decided to share some ‘Do It Yourself’ organic face masks that have maintained my skin colour and they have helped to provide a healthy skin glow.

1. Turmeric and Honey Mixture: This combination is my holy grail! Both ingredients are moisturizers, so you don’t have anything to worry about especially if your face is as sensitive as mine and sometimes scaly.  Another good thing about this mixture is that it has healing properties too. So, if you have blemishes or acne scars on your face, this combo is your best bet! For the dark/brown-skinned woman, the glow it gives your skin is beyond your imagination. Personally, I saw results in 3 days after using it twice daily ( Advice: Leave it on your face for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water and a little lather on your hands)









2. Milk, Honey and Lemon: I’m pretty sure most of us know this combination. Does it work? Yes, it does! If you read that again, I mentioned ‘lemon‘, not ‘lime‘. In the past, I used lime for the mixture, but I noticed a burning sensation on my face when I apply it. Later on, I tried putting a small amount of lemon in the milk and honey mixture and the results were awesome. This mixture makes you look younger, leaves that softness on your face and minimises your black spots and whiteheads.











3. Yoghurt and Honey: If your skin is sensitive and dry or you are having some fungal infection on your face, this will work best for you. The yoghurt in the mixture provides you with probiotics and some skin proteins while the honey moisturizes your face. This mixture is very gentle on the skin and very effective.









Finally, the listed DIY organic facial masks have worked perfectly for me. So, what organic facial masks have you tried or which one do you intend trying?


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