11 Essentials Every Lady Should Take To The Beach

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The beach is one of the most favourite place in the world. It’s not just because of the views but because of it’s free spirit all daylong. It’s one of the most relaxing places to hang out with friends and family. Beaches are ideal for vacations and other glamorous events. The best time to go to the beach is on that perfect sunny day and we will tell you the most essential things you need to bring along.

Here are the 11 essentials every lady should have in her beach bag when going to the beach

1. Kimono: Wearing bikini can be uncomfortable sometimes. So the best way to pull off the bikini look if you are a shy person is to wear a kimono. If you are living in any of the African countries, best place to get an affordable and nice kimono is on Jumia, for European countries I would say H&M, Asos and Primark.

2. Moisturiser: Don’t forget that your skin is being exposed to the sunlight while on the beach. So,get a moisturiser with high-SPF.

3. Sun-screen: If you don’t have a moisturiser, go for a good sunscreen with a high-SPF because it will protect you from the smashing rays of the beach sun. We don’t want our skin burnt! I recommend the Neutrogena¬† Sensitive Skin Sunscreen lotion.Because this feels so light on the skin while keeping it soft and supple. You can get it from amazon.


4. A pair of slippers: Best footwear for the beach. It could be flip-flops, or any other flat slippers. This is essential for people who doesn’t want to walk around on bare feet.They sell these almost everywhere and they are not designer tagged. Lol!

5.Sunglasses: An ultra-violet protective sunglasses are a girl’s best-friend! Bring the chic style to the beach! Don’t forget them. I love this particular one from Jumia. Take a look.



6. Beach hat: Save your face from the scorching sun. You need this one my friend. All eyes should be on this classy one on Jumia.


7. Magazine: You will definitely need one especially when your friend meets her crush on the beach! Lol. Personally, I go for a fashion magazine. And you can get anyone from any mall.Magazine



8. A bottle of water: A man’s lifesaver. Nothing else will add to the body glow if not water. Take one.

9. A spare outfit: If you like going all childish on the beach like me. Lol. And you enjoy the cool water splashes. Then, have a spare outfit in your bag because you may want to change before going home. Nothing too fancy but something that makes you comfortable when you are in it.

10. Beach mat/ towel: What happens when everyone has taken the available free seats on the beach? Spread your towel or mat on the sand and feel like a boss! Some beach mats/towels are expensive but you can get an affordable one here.

11. Refreshments: Put any kind of refreshments in your beach bag. Trust me, you will need them because refreshments can be unnecessarily expensive if you get them from the shops on the beach. Save your money.

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